Transfer Data Between Android and Windows Phone With Feem

You have some astonishing documents on your Android cell phone and you need to send them to your companion’s Windows Phone gadget. Anyway the Internet is down or you would prefer not to consume up valuable megabytes off your information pack. So what do you do to send these documents?

There’s a simple way and a somewhat hard approach to take care of business. The simple arrangement is obviously to discover a PC and unite both your telephones to it. Presently just duplicate and glue documents starting with one gadget then onto the next – both will appear as removable drives on the PCs. This is as basic as replicating stuff starting with one pendrive then onto the next.

Transfer Data Between Android and Windows Phone With Feem
Transfer Data Between Android and Windows Phone With Feem

After you’ve duplicated the documents, getting to them on the Windows Phone can be somewhat more of a test in case despite everything you’re running on Windows Phone 8, however Windows Phone 8.1 includes a record administration framework that makes it simple to get to the records after you’ve replicated them. Appropriation of Windows Phone 8.1 is likewise developing consistently so this may not be an issue for long.

On the off chance that you don’t have a PC, then the somewhat hard approach to do this includes utilizing the same application we prescribed for imparting records in the middle of iOS and Windows Phone – Feem. There are a lot of different choices for Android clients, however Feem is still the best decision on Windows Phone. This is the thing that you have to do:

  • Download Feem on Android and Windows Phone gadgets.
  • Guarantee that the iOS and Windows Phone gadgets are joined with the same Wi-Fi system.
  • Open Feem on both gadgets.
  • Sit tight for the application to output for associates. All gadgets running Feem on the system will appear in a rundown.
  • Presently tap the right arrow symbol on the left.
  • You will see a rundown of organizers on the privilege. Select the records you need to send from the rundown of envelopes on the privilege.

On Android, you will have the capacity to see and send pretty much any record you need on your gadget. Then again, Windows Phone clients are still restricted to sending just photographs – Feem’s engineer says it is dealing with another adaptation of the application, intended for Windows Phone 8.1 that will have full record imparting, yet for the present, for Windows telephone, it is ideal to get than to give.

  • Tap the right arrow symbol over the commercial at the base.
  • Select the phone from the rundown of companions. Presently Feem will begin sending documents.

One thing to note is that Feem can’t run out of sight on Windows Phone and demonstrates an irritating perpetual notice requesting that you open the application. An alternate issue with Feem’s free form is the quantity of irritating promotions in the application. These impediments can be a bit of irritating, yet its still the most straightforward free alternative accessible at this moment.

How to Copy Text From Images

If you have Microsoft office in your computer then you won’t require any other software. You can use Microsoft Office OneNote to copy text from image. In this article I have given the tricks on how to copy text from images using Microsoft office.
How to Copy Text From Images
How to Copy Text From Images

Install MS-Office on your system.
Start->All Programs->Microsoft Office->Microsoft Office->OneNote.
Copy and paste the image into MS-OneNote window which you want copy the text.
Right Click on the image and select ‘Copy Text from Picture option’.
Open a new Notepad or MS-Office word and paste the content.

Now you have the whole text in editable format. Then you can edit or format it for accuracy.

How to Download YouTube Videos

Nowadays, if you want to download any video from websites such as YouTube or vimeo , you have to either download a third party downloader or you are provided with one by the site itself.. Sometimes you came along some videos whom you love a lot and have a great desire to download but you came along such problem but u don’t want to install any downloader…..So what to do now..??

Just a simple trick and you would be able to download your favorite videos without installing any third party software and with just one or two clicks. So here it goes…….

How to Download YouTube Videos
How to Download YouTube Videos


  1. OpenYouTube.
  2. Select the video to be downloaded.
  3. Now, go to url and rename it as “…..” in place of “….” .
  4. Then a new window will appear, select required resolution and you are ready to download videos without any third party software.

Working on all devices i.e. pc, laptop, tab, smartphone etc.


How to get 1 TB Free Google Drive Space

It is no trick or doing something illegal to get it but all your going to do is legal trough which you can get benefited from Google and also know How to get 1 TB free Google drive space.


How to get 1 TB Free Google Drive Space
How to get 1 TB Free Google Drive Space

Do you know Google local guide?

If no please proceed, You might have seen many places in Google maps but who does all that definitely bots can’t do that nor Google can’t send its employees to mark the places, Add photos and review all the places on earth instead of it the power of marking the places is give to us. We are known as Google local guides.

How to get How to get 1 TB free Google drive space?

Well, to explain simply it like completing some tasks and get you rewards unlocked as your level increases. No worries there are not many levels in here it only contains five ‘5’ levels and it would take less than 2 weeks to achieve level five.

So in the images give below are the  detailed explanation of level and its rewards.
How to get 1 TB Free Google Drive Space
How to get 1 TB Free Google Drive Space

Here is an informative article about “Learn How to write a perfect article ”

Details of points and levels information.

Here are some activities by which you earn a point like Upload photos of the place, writing the review of the place, answering the queries related to the place, editing the wrong (or) outdated information on any place and by adding new places in your locality.

Benefits of using Google local guide.

Get free workshops by Google and if you are lucky enough you could access new feature or product by Google.
Apart for that you also have a big chance to test Google products before anyone can publically for test purpose.
Hope you liked and share this to your friends so that they can get benefited .